EU rapid response capabilities for Forest Fires

July 22nd, 2009

In 2009 the EU has come together to introduce a new €7.5 million budget to prepare a rapid response team for European Union based forest fires. The new team will be focused on preparatory action which test innovative arrangements for key resources and essential equipment. This should allow a rapid response team to be made available during relevant periods and deployed to respond to disasters in the framework of the Community Civil Protection Mechanism at the request of the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) of the European Commission. While focusing on forest fires it will be available for any natural disaster.
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Chemical Accidents

July 15th, 2009

Through out the world there have been enough industrial chemical accidents that have caused governments to take a step back and prepare a plan to deal with them. One of the most devastating examples happened in 1976 when a pesticide plant released a cloud of toxins into the air causing 600 people to be evacuated and 2000 to be treated for poisoning. It became known as the “Seveso Accident”. This along with other notable chemical accidents have lead to new directives on storage and processing activities of harmful chemicals.
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July 8th, 2009

Once the threat is over it becomes time to asses the damage and start the rebuilding and recovery. In civil defense it is best to have a game plan before any emergency even arises so that the recovery crews are aware at what will happen next and speed up the process. Preparation can be done such as planning alternate motor car routes for damaged road, having a boat transport backup incase a bridge is taken out or preparing meeting areas for civilians. These actions can be prepared before any such threat even becomes realized.
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June 17th, 2009

The easiest way to prepare for disaster or nuclear war is to prevent it in the first place. The world governments are actively trying to mitigate the chances of full scale military attacks, acts of terrorism and even natural disasters. When dealing with foreign national threats the best course of action is diplomacy, foreign policy, political measures and of course nuclear disarmament. When dealing with terrorist threats, intelligence and direct action become the main focal points. While natural disasters are hard to prevent the damage can be minimized with long term planning.
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Types of Civil Threats

June 17th, 2009

In a military situation there are numerous civilian threats, each with their own risks and required responses. The first task is to identify the threat situation of each type of threat. Conventional explosives are amongst the most used weapons against civilians. To protect against traditional bombs there must be a thick concrete shelter. Nuclear attacks are perhaps the biggest threat due to the mass destruction they cause and the following radiation fallout. Switzerland is regarded as the most prepared country. Other threats include Chemical and Biological weapons.
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Modern Civil Defense

June 17th, 2009

While civil defense programs still deal in protecting civilians during a military attack the programs are more involved with emergency and natural disaster defense. These programs include crisis management, emergency management, emergency preparedness, contingency planning, emergency services, and civil protection. This would take into account things such as dealing with mass flooding, earthquakes and hurricanes that we have seen in the past few years. These are seen as a bigger threat to most nations than a full scale war.
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Civil Defense

June 17th, 2009

Civil defense is also known as civil protection and it involves the preparation of civilians for a possible military or terrorist attack. The term civil defense is broad term that takes on many tasks in a combined effort to minimize the civilian and structural losses in a hostile military situation. The programs involved within emergency operations include prevention, mitigation, preparation, response, or emergency evacuation, and recovery. While the theories of civil defense have been around for a long time the most notable efforts began around the 1920s when nuclear attack looked plausible.
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